Bring elegance to your table with our new Taste glassware range from FreeForm


Any good drink will taste better when served in a fine crystal glass. The fine rim avoids distracting from the taste and texture of your drink. The bowls are designed to preserve aroma and enhance the taste.

So go on… add a little magic to your drinking experience!

Main features:

  • available in 3 different sizes 
  • modern, elegant design with a chunky base
  • stable and reliable, perfect for high-end dining as well as informal settings
  • material: lead free crystal glass
Taste glasses are perfect for variety of drinks and occasions. Check out our little guide below and get inspired!
Red 2


Our largest glass is perfect for red wine, but it will also double up as a sophisticated pint glass for your favourite beer or ale and fit plenty of ice and lemons for refreshing G&T.

white 3


Medium glass is perfect to keep your white wine cool, serve fruity cocktails like mojito or tequila sunrise as well as soft drinks or water. Plenty of space for ice here!

sparkling 3


Our tall and slim 27.5 cl glass is perfect for your favourite bubbly. Also great for more sophisticated cocktails like Bellini, French 75 or Kir Royale.

Enhance your favourite wines with Taste glassware
Red Wine 
  • Rounded bowl allows your wine to aerate and swirl without spilling.
  • Due to smaller opening, the flavours of wine meet the tongue in continuous flow rather than all at once, this softens the spiciness and rich flavours of red wines
  • Thin rim makes sipping your wine easy
White Wine
  • Smaller size helps to maintain wine’s cooler temperature and concentrate subtle floral aromas
  • Slender bowl guides the aromas straight to the nose
  • Fine rim avoids destructing from the flavour and texture of your wine
Sparkling wine
  • Long, narrow,  and upright bowl helps to retain the carbonation and captures the flavour of your wine
  • Provides good size serving

To further enhance the flavours and aromas of your favourite wines check our amazing wine accessories from Cellardine.

From opening, aeration, breathing, temperature to preservation Cellardine wine accessories range will help you maximise the full enjoyment of all types of wine.

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