Create the pantry of your dreams.


If you have been trying to create a Pinterest worthy kitchen looking like a Perfect Housewife’s paradise and don’t know where to start – look no further. We’ve put together a little guide to make your food storage not only look beautiful and practical but also be more sustainable.

Let’s start with the containers. With hundreds of designs available on the market, finding the right one may get your head spinning, but we are here to help!

Start with the material. To make your storage more sustainable it is best not to use thin plastic, as cheap plastic containers will not last for very long. Thicker, more durable plastic boxes will be a much better solution, but ensure they are recyclable and ideally made from recycled plastic. Glass is a great solution here – it’s sustainable, 100% recyclable, reusable and refillable. It is also more durable and with proper care can last a lot longer than plastic.

Clear containers are also our favourite for many different reasons. Being able to see through its walls allows you to easily spot when things need a top up, making your weekly shopping list a breeze.  They will also create a beautiful display of colours with a variety of cooking ingredients, pulses, and spices.

Although they are available in all different shapes and forms, we’d recommend rectangular shapes over round, as the matching edges will save valuable space in the cupboards. To store even more you can also choose containers with stackable lids. Storing items on the top of one another will save cupboard space too! Some ingredients look very similar and may need labelling. Wipe clean and waterproof labels will last long saving waste and money or you could even go a step further and use easy wipe markers to save the waste all together!

Now that we’ve got an idea of what a perfect container looks like, let’s talk about food waste. Using the right containers with airtight lids will ensure your food stays fresh for much longer (paper or single use plastic bags can easily damage your cupboard creating huge amounts of food that can no longer be safely consumed). Most containers can also be stored in the fridge keeping your leftovers fresh and ready for lunch on the busy workday.

An organised pantry will save you a lot of your valuable time in the kitchen and to give you a head start, Pebbly – French brand offering aesthetic, functional and sustainable kitchen essentials created a great range of borosilicate glass storage containers in many different sizes to cater for all your food storage needs. They have stackable bamboo lids with a silicone seal for airtight storage. They recently launched in the UK, and you can find their products at many major retailers.