• Celebrate by Raising Spirits!…

    November 1, 2021

    The ever-popular Raising Spirits concept offers a selection of hugely versatile glassware so whatever your favourite tipple, whether it be gin, rum, whisky, prosecco, wine, cocktails or a refreshing spritzer there is the perfect glass to enjoy your drink in style.

    Brand new for AW21 is a celebration range with four glasses, each featuring a different slogan so there is definitely something for everyone and every occasion. There is ‘Sparkle’ against a backdrop of silver stars, ‘Celebrate’ against a backdrop of gold stars and ‘Drink Happy Thoughts’ and ‘Happy Hour’ both set against a backdrop of rainbow dots, intended as a little nod to the heroes that have battled on to help all of us in the most difficult of times.

    To add to the versatility of these lines, each glass is sold separately but retailers do have the option to add a special branded gift bag to their order which will hold up to four glasses tissue wrapped.

  • Naturals Tabletop…

    November 1, 2021

    Embrace the Reset trend…… As we all become more and more in tune with nature and our environment, especially after the events of recent times, and we look at ways to reset, cue the Naturals tabletop range. Naturals includes a selection of round placemats and coasters, all boasting essential eco credentials and all designed to embellish the most on- trend table settings.

    The natural materials used in this range include grey and amber natural woven placemats and coasters made from corn peel and cotton string – shown here. There are also cork ones featuring a spiral fossil design printed with natural dye, and slate, which is etched with the same stylish spiral design.

  • iKonic Mail Order Gift Packaging…

    November 1, 2021

    Freeform® is a brand true to its word – it offers beautiful products which forms the perfect entertaining set-up tailored to suit your mood, desires, and style at any given point.

    Recently refreshed with a new home under the brand, the iKonic handcrafted glassware collection is contemporary, versatile and functional with a choice of fourteen different shapes in different capacities offering a choice of classic and contemporary styles and sizes for absolutely any type of drink.

    Whether it be beer, wine, cocktails, mocktails, fizz or juices, iKonic offers a unique take on glassware with each piece being referred to by a number which corresponds to the capacity, rather than by a name.

    AW21 launches feature several exciting new aspects with the addition of new shapes and the introduction of stylish new packaging for glassware pairs, designed to enhance retail displays, encourage gifting sales and offer an added touch for retailers when shipping online/mail order sales.

  • La Rochère – New Napoleon Bee Col…

    October 19, 2021

    La Rochère, from Tradestock, features timeless collections and artisan designs, including the renowned Napoleon Bee collection, which, with the original bee design being inspired by a famous pattern which belonged to Napoleon, has truly stood the test of time, remaining as popular as ever. This collection gives the feeling of owning a piece of history, almost an artisan antique, but at the same time the charming bees and pure, modern silhouette of the pieces make this ultra-versatile set perfect for both casual entertaining and everyday use. This comprehensive range includes goblets, tumblers, shot glasses, stemmed glasses, beer glasses, flutes, long drinks, carafes, jugs, bowls, dishes, egg cup and more, in clear glass as well as tumblers and wine glasses in very on-trend shades of purple and blue. But, just when you thought this iconic collection could not get any better, it just has with the introduction of green tumblers and wine glasses – bang on Reset trend!

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