Simple. Smart. Fun. Say goodbye to boring and hello to fun!

Highly creative new concept featuring revolutionary design taking the form of both a placemat when laying flat but instantly turning into a tray when lifted by the cut-out handles.

Combines style with functionality to offer creative and stylish tabletop and kitchen accessory.

Flexible corner system allows you to flip the tray over to change the colour.

  • Luxury faux leather material with coordinating stitching
  • Easy care – just wipe with damp cloth
  • Heat resistant to 90 °C
  • Convenient to store flat in a drawer or hanging

Available in two different sizes: 50 x 41cm & 45 x 35cm.

Reversible design allows you to simply flip over for a new look which means you will not get bored with your trays anytime soon!

Designed to work well with all other Freeform products – variety of different shapes and colours of placemats and coasters.

Tray flat 2
Place flat on the table to create a large placemat

Simply place the tray flat on your table to create large placemat. Due to being able to fold flat, our trays are easy to store – great space saving feature!

Tray up
Pick up the handles to create a handy tray

Just like that – you created a handy tray to help you carry drinks to your guests or a meal to the table.

Flip Over
Simply flip over to create new look

Change the mood by simply flipping it over! Tray comfortably folds both ways so it’s only up to you what colour are you in the mood for today.

One of the most versatile trays on the market

Entertain in style with Freeform – functional and creative concept which oozes originality and brings versatility and flair to home entertaining. The perfect combination of form and function.

Available in the below colours and sizes: