Start your composting journey with Pebbly bins


There are many reasons to start composting. Not only will it save you money spent on additional bin bags,  garden compost or even rubbish disposal, but most importantly help you protect the most valuable asset of all – our planet. So why not take this small step on your own zero waste journey?

Composting is a natural and inexpensive process helping you to transform your kitchen waste into nutrient rich food for all your plants and enrich your soil. Did you know that almost a quarter of the waste thrown in the general waste bin can be composted? Fruit and vegetable peels and leftovers, eggshells, wilted flowers, and leaves, coffee grounds, tea leaves and bags, hair and nails.

Your wilted bouquet can feed your future one – how great is that, right? To ensure your compost is good quality and does not harm the environment, never add: cigarette butts, dairy products and meat, vacuum bag dust or any non-organic produce such as plastic glass and metal.

Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t add to your compost it’s time to get your hands dirty. Actually, that’s not true! Done properly it’s a very clean and smell free experience. Compost is the result of the transformation of our organic waste with water and oxygen thanks to micro-organisms. This produces a type of very rich soil that makes a perfect natural fertilizer for your plants. As with everything in nature, balance is the most important factor here. To avoid your compost going bad and giving off odours in your garden, ensure you have the right ratio, roughly 50:50, of carbon- rich materials (‘browns’) and nitrogen-rich materials (‘greens’). Browns include mostly your garden waste – dry leaves, plant stalks or twigs, but also shredded card and paper. Greens include grass clippings and food scraps.

You can find many useful tools and resources online, but to help you start now, Pebbly introduced their own easy clean and very stylish compost bins. Made of natural materials (steel and bamboo), lightweight and resistant they will quickly become your best friends on your own composting journey. To make it even better, Pebbly as a brand are committed to helping the environment by donating 1% of their annual turnover to ‘1% for the planet’ global movement.

Check these useful Pebbly composting guides. Click on the images to download and print them to share with friends or have them handy in your kitchen.