We are very pleased to share with you that our printed cork placemats from Naturals range iSTYLE and Pebbly composting bins were selected for the Trend Showcase at Exclusively Show.
Show specialists highlighted three key trends that will play biggest role in 2023 interior designs and our products were selected for 2 of them.

Cork placemats were selected for Homestead trend which is ‘all about serene sanctuaries brought to life by sophisticated combination of dark surfaces against the backdrop of earthy browns and greens. It offers cottage core cosiness and private space with access to outdoors.Naturals includes a selection of round placemats and coasters, all boasting essential eco credentials and all designed to embellish the most on-trend table settings. The natural materials used in this range include cork featuring a spiral fossil design printed with natural dye, along with slate, which is etched with the same stylish spiral design.

Pebbly composting bins were selected for Wellness trend ‘which focuses entirely on calm minimalism.’
Pebbly is a brand drawing inspiration from emerging trends to produce uniquely designed kitchen and lifestyle products offering sustainable solutions aimed at reducing food waste to zero.
The design focus is on the use of natural and healthy materials such as glass, steel, bamboo and organic cotton which cover food storage, prep, tools, on-the-go and many other stylish and highly practical kitchen and lifestyle lines.


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