The ever-popular Raising Spirits concept offers a selection of hugely versatile glassware so whatever your favourite tipple, whether it be gin, rum, whisky, prosecco, wine, cocktails or a refreshing spritzer there is the perfect glass to enjoy your drink in style.

Brand new for AW21 is a celebration range with four glasses, each featuring a different slogan so there is definitely something for everyone and every occasion. There is ‘Sparkle’ against a backdrop of silver stars, ‘Celebrate’ against a backdrop of gold stars and ‘Drink Happy Thoughts’ and ‘Happy Hour’ both set against a backdrop of rainbow dots, intended as a little nod to the heroes that have battled on to help all of us in the most difficult of times.

To add to the versatility of these lines, each glass is sold separately but retailers do have the option to add a special branded gift bag to their order which will hold up to four glasses tissue wrapped.

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