La Rochère, from Tradestock, features timeless collections and artisan designs, including the renowned Napoleon Bee collection, which, with the original bee design being inspired by a famous pattern which belonged to Napoleon, has truly stood the test of time, remaining as popular as ever. This collection gives the feeling of owning a piece of history, almost an artisan antique, but at the same time the charming bees and pure, modern silhouette of the pieces make this ultra-versatile set perfect for both casual entertaining and everyday use. This comprehensive range includes goblets, tumblers, shot glasses, stemmed glasses, beer glasses, flutes, long drinks, carafes, jugs, bowls, dishes, egg cup and more, in clear glass as well as tumblers and wine glasses in very on-trend shades of purple and blue. But, just when you thought this iconic collection could not get any better, it just has with the introduction of green tumblers and wine glasses – bang on Reset trend!

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