Table Tech

The latest addition to the Tradestock brand stable, Table Tech (or 'T2'), supplies quality candles, glassware and tableware to the retail, hotel and catering and B2B market sectors around the globe.

Candles and table lighting

Our candles are produced in Europe to the acclaimed RAL certification ensuring the highest possible level of quality and performance for the hospitality industry.

In addition to the candles themselves, the T2 range includes oil-fuelled table lights , candle holders, chafing fuels, continuous wick candles, and a large offering of flameless wax candles.


The T2 range includes a number of award-winning products from Tradestock such as our table mats and coasters made out of glass, faux leather and slate.


The glassware offering from T2 includes new Hot Drinks range from Tradestock, as well as our well-established ranges of sundae dishes, glass bowls, carafes, jugs and bottles.

FreeForm® trays and placemats

The FreeForm® tray is an amazing product which switches between an elegant place setting and versatile tray, just by picking it up and putting it down. * Want to change the colour? - just flip it over! * Storage space a problem? FreeForm® trays store totally flat!

The faux leather tray comes in various sizes, colours and textures, including non slip, as well as generously sized co-ordinating placemats in a variety of designs.

Bespoke printing

We also offer a bespoke service to digitally print custom designs onto many of our products, using our in-house, specialist large format printer.

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